Monday, October 17, 2011


Major Concept:              There is one true God.
This Week's Concept:    Choose God.

Background:    Children are great imitators.  It is an unforgettable moment when you first hear your child say something just like you do or repeat one of your behaviors.  We are their models.  Our influence is powerful - the challenge is to make sure it is the influence we truly desire to have!

Activity:  Collect 2-3 of your child's favorite things with him/her.  Discuss why each of them is important.  Then choose one item to eliminate.  Then choose another item to eliminate from "favorite things." Talk with your child about good things, better things, and the BEST!  Explain to your child that we must always choose God first - He tells us in the Bible that He is to be our only God. Let your child know why you have chosen God first. You will share and teach about how important God is in your life, but ultimately your child will have to make his/her own decision about choosing God.

Bible Verse:
           Exodus 20:1 - "I am the Lord your God."

Lunch Notes: Share with your child this week in his/her lunch notes about why you have chosen God.  These may include:
           I choose God.  He gives me what I need.
           I choose God.  He takes care of me when I am afraid.
           I choose God.  He is stronger than anyone.
           I choose God.  He teaches me how to love.

Prayer: Pray for your child this week that he/she will choose God throughout life.  Pray with your child that he/she can begin to understand why choosing God is so important.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

REMEMBER WHEN- God took care of you.

Major Concept:            Remember When
This Week's Concept:  God took care of you.

Background:  Young children live in the present.  Their concept of time is developing so yesterday, today, tomorrow, and a year from now are often interchanged.  Yet, they can remember events and experiences quite well.  In Joshua 4, God commands Joshua to take twelve men and twelve stones and pile them up as a memorial to all that God had done for the people.It is important for us to help our children establish "memorials" for all that God has done.  Remembering God's faithfulness in the past gives us strength to stand on His promises during the good days and especially the tough days.  Help your child begin to remember when God was faithful on a personal level by establishing memorials.

Activity:  Talk with your child about a time when he/she was frightened, scared, in danger, etc.  Ask, "What did you do to feel less afraid, unsafe, etc? "  Discuss praying to God, finding an adult to help, etc.   Guide your child to understand that God was faithful in that situation as He is in all situations where we are afraid or scared.  Work with your child to create a memorial for God's faithfulness in that situation.  This might include a letter to God, a picture to hang, a stone, etc.  Revisit the memorial throughout the week and take the opportunity to say, "Thank you, God, for taking care of ___________."

Bible Verse:
           Psalm 23:  4 - "I will not be afraid because you are close beside me."

Lunch Notes:  Notes this week should remind your child of God's faithfulness.  For example, "Remember when God took care of us during the storm.  God is faithful."  Using "Remember when" and "God is faithful" on each note also allows for repitition of words which is great for early literacy.

Prayer:  Help your child tell God, "Thank you for your faithfulness."  (You may need to assist your child in understanding how God took care of them in certain situations.)