Sunday, September 18, 2011

YOU HAVE POWER - You have the power to stand firm.

Major Concept:               YOU HAVE POWER.
This Week's Concept:     You have the power to stand firm.

Background:   In a time when young children see "power" displayed in many different ways and through many different sources (television, computer and video games, etc.), maybe it is time to remind them of where our real power/strength comes from and how we can know that power first hand.  I fear many young people are growing up with a false sense of security in things of this world that really won't matter in the next.  Children need to experience God's power and how to "tap" into that power to stand firm for Him!

Activity:    Gather several household items that can be placed upright in sand.  Allow your child to knock them over in the sand.  Discuss with him/her why this happened.  Ask him/her what you could put things in that could not be knocked over.  You may even take a walk outside to look at fence posts in cement or the foundation of a new home.   Discuss with him/her why these can't be knocked over near as easily.  Share with your child the story of the house built upon the sand and the house built upon the strong foundation.  Explain that Jesus is our foundation and in Him we have the power to stand firm.  Of course, as parents we have the awesome responsibility to guide our children in knowing Jesus so they have His promises to help them in standing firm.

Bible Verse
            I Corinthians 16:13:  Stay true to what you believe.  Be courageous.  Be strong!

Lunch Notes:  Lunch notes this week can encourage your child to stay true to what he/she believes, to be strong, and to have courage.  They can also include some of God's promises that encourage him/her to stand firm even in the tough times.

Prayer:  Pray with your child this week for strength to learn about and believe in God's promises and to stay true to what he/she believes when with friends, at school, on a ball team, etc.

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