Monday, October 17, 2011


Major Concept:              There is one true God.
This Week's Concept:    Choose God.

Background:    Children are great imitators.  It is an unforgettable moment when you first hear your child say something just like you do or repeat one of your behaviors.  We are their models.  Our influence is powerful - the challenge is to make sure it is the influence we truly desire to have!

Activity:  Collect 2-3 of your child's favorite things with him/her.  Discuss why each of them is important.  Then choose one item to eliminate.  Then choose another item to eliminate from "favorite things." Talk with your child about good things, better things, and the BEST!  Explain to your child that we must always choose God first - He tells us in the Bible that He is to be our only God. Let your child know why you have chosen God first. You will share and teach about how important God is in your life, but ultimately your child will have to make his/her own decision about choosing God.

Bible Verse:
           Exodus 20:1 - "I am the Lord your God."

Lunch Notes: Share with your child this week in his/her lunch notes about why you have chosen God.  These may include:
           I choose God.  He gives me what I need.
           I choose God.  He takes care of me when I am afraid.
           I choose God.  He is stronger than anyone.
           I choose God.  He teaches me how to love.

Prayer: Pray for your child this week that he/she will choose God throughout life.  Pray with your child that he/she can begin to understand why choosing God is so important.

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