Sunday, August 7, 2011

GOD LOVES YOU -- There is only one you.

Major Concept:                GOD LOVES YOU.

This Week’s Concept:    There is only one you.

Background:  Young children are egocentric.  It is who they are in the early years.  This week you will have the awesome opportunity of helping them celebrate their uniqueness!  (Don’t panic – there will be plenty of opportunities in later weeks to celebrate others’ uniqueness as well!)

Activity:   Have your child look at his/her hands, feet, eyes, etc.  Let him/her describe what he/she sees.  Now have your child compare these to your hands, feet, eyes, etc.  Discuss what is similar and what is different.  Talk with your child about the uniqueness of each of us.  Be sure to emphasize that there is no one else exactly like him/her.

Bible Verse:

Psalm 139:14 – “I am wonderfully made.”

Lunch Notes:  Think about the different parts of the body that you and your child compared.  Remind him/her  throughout  the week of how wonderfully created he/she is  by including each of these in a lunch note.

For example, “God made your hands.” 

Include your child’s name in the lunch note.  This helps him/her feel special, and it is great for younger children as they are learning to recognize their name in print.   (Dear ______________ is a great way to begin your note.)

Prayer:  Spend time this week thanking God for how wonderfully made your child is and praying with your child to say thank you to God for his/her hands, feet, eyes, toes, etc.

Books:  I will include book titles as I find them.  I encourage you to read through them before sharing them with your child.  As books are often a personal preference, you need to share those that reflect what you believe.

                Max Lucado:  God Thinks You’re Wonderful

                Dandi Daley Mackall:  God Loves Me More Than That, When God Created My Toes

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