Monday, August 1, 2011

THERE IS ONE TRUE GOD - God created the world.

Welcome aboard for a school year’s worth of learning opportunities for little ones written on lunch notes and lived through the sharing of ideas, activities, books, etc.  But most importantly, the opportunity for your child to know he/she is loved by you and by God.  Take these and make them your own.   I am writing with younger children (4-7) in mind, but you can easily adapt them for older children.

I have identified eight major concepts that I will rotate throughout the year.  Within these concepts, you will find ideas to share with your child throughout the week to help him/her understand and live each of them.

Major Concept:       THERE IS ONE TRUE GOD.
Today’s Concept:   God created the world.

Background:  Young children think in very concrete terms.  Seeing is believing!  How does one see God? 

Activity:  Go for a walk with your child.  Talk about all the things you see that God has created.

Bible Verse: 
1.      Genesis 1:1 – God created the heavens and the earth.

Lunch notes:  Mine were usually written on a napkin, but anything will work.  Stickers and/or artwork make them even more fun.  “I love you” at the end of the note will matter to your child.  As an adult helps younger children read the notes at lunch time, you can be assured that this is also a great opportunity for your child to begin developing reading skills or practice them daily.

Think about what you and your child discovered on your walk.  Include each of them on a lunch note throughout the week.
(Ex., God made the trees.) 

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