Sunday, August 28, 2011

LOVE GOD - Get to know God so you can love Him most of all.

Major Concept:              Love God.
This Week's Concept:    Know God so you can love Him most of all.

Background:  Young children think(and act) in the here and now.  Teaching them to love someone they can't physically see can be challenging.  Teach them to love God by teaching them to know and interact with Him throughout the day in various ways.

Activity:  Have your child choose a couple of his/her favorite things to show you.  Talk about why they are favorites.  Then talk with your child about his/her favorite people.  Ask, "Do you like to have your favorite things with you?, Do you like to talk with/spend time with your favorite people?"  Then explain to him/her that the Bible tells us we are to love God most of all - more than our favorite toys, friends, etc. and we do that in different ways (reading the Bible, prayer, etc.)  Get out a children's Bible and look at it together.  Tell your child that this is one way to get to know God better - read what He says to us.  You may want to compare it to a letter, text message, e-mail, etc. from a friend, loved one.
Note to Parents:  Children are great observers.  They are constantly watching and listening.  Our actions will speak louder than our words - if we want our children to want to know God through His word, they need to see us in His word!

Bible Verse:
           Mark 12:30 - Love God with all your heart, mind, and strength.
           Psalm 119:  57 - I promise to obey your words.

Lunch Notes:  Notes this week can remind your child to love God with all of his/her heart, mind, and strength throughout the school day and beyond. 
                       Dear _____________, 
                       Day 1 - Love God more than anything.
                       Day 2 - Love God more than anyone.
                      Day 3 - Love God with all your heart.
                      Day 4 - Love God with all your mind.
                      Day 5 - Love God with all your strength.
After school take the time to talk with your child about how his/her love for God was shown through words, behaviors, attitude, etc. during the school day.  Look at verses together that tell us how to do each of these.

Prayer:  Spend time with your child in prayer this week telling God how much you love Him and teaching your child to do the same.  Pray for opportunities for your child to get to know Him better through Bible verses and Bible stories.

Book:  I Can Say to God, I Love You by Catherine Mackenzie and My ABC Bible Verses:  Hiding God's Word in Little Hearts by Susan Hunt

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