Sunday, August 21, 2011

I LOVE YOU - You are a gift from God.

Major Concept:             I LOVE YOU!
This Week's Concpet:   You are a gift from God.

Background:  Children are taught from a young age to say "thank you" for a gift. They are also taught to accept the gift graciously.  As a precious gift from above, make sure your child knows your unconditional love always!  It is a simple, "I love you - PERIOD!"  What an opportunity they are and what opportunities they bring.

Activity:  Place a mirror or picture of your child in a shoe box.  Wrap the box in paper.  Talk with your child about gifts and how we take care of them.  Let your child unwrap the box and peek inside.  Discuss with him/her what a precious gift he/she is.  Assure him/her that as your gift from God, you will love him/her always (no matter the circumstance). 

Bible Verse:
              Psalm 127: 3 - You are a gift from God.

Lunch Notes:  Remind your child everyday this week that he/she is loved in a lunch note by simply saying, "I love you."  If you choose creativity, you might even draw an eye, a heart, etc. on different days.  This message is simple but carries a huge meaning.  Remember, your child needs to know he/she is loved unconditionally.  When a note says, "I love your eyes,"  or "I love the way you get ready for school,"  your child may doubt your love when he/she does not look a certain way or act a certain way.  Be careful!

Prayer:  During your prayer time with your child this week, thank God for your precious gift.  Thank Him for the opportunity to care for His treasure.  Ask God for His guidance in loving your child always!

Book:   God Gave Us You by Lisa Bergren

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